Portraits inspirations series, Ricky Gervais

Decided to pick up on a portrait series I started off on my old website and also by the looks of it, the inability to know when to stop with the colour saturation, and now also the biscuits for that matter.

I wanted to create a project looking at people who have had an outside influence on my life over the years, being the impressionable individual that I am, the list was long.

Comedy has always been such an important part of my make-up, I always find the funny in most situations and for me it really has been the best medicine over the years. Growing up on sitcoms and sketch shows and hanging out with some of the best comedic geniuses in my friends at high school helped form that rather well.


18 years ago (Yes, you’re welcome. You’re old too.) I was completely drawn into The Office and this chaps comedy hits my humour level spot on. I have belly ached with laughter listening to the podcasts on the morning commute, and quite honestly not giving a rats arse what anyone else on the train thought. Just purely for introducing Karl Pilkington to the world deserves an award. Forward onto me crying drunk in a cinema watching David Brent Life on the road, exclaiming to my confused companion emotionally; “Oh my god, I’m David Brent.” Which in a small way is true. (Anyone who has seen it will know exactly the part that I mean.)

So for making me ‘LOL’ on many occasions and helping to forget the crap that can come along in life, here is my nod of appreciation to Ricky Gervais. I thank you Sir.

There is a lot I have to continue improving upon with my portrait work with composition and approach, but I have thoroughly enjoyed created these pieces. I’m more of a traditional hand drawn illustrator and love the artwork of the likes of the greats Bob Peak and Robert McGinnis. With this series I have also allowed myself to play about with use of colour, which as you can also see, have enjoyed using far too much!

As mentioned I have a long list of people I want to draw up and cannot wait to share with you!

Thanks for stopping by!


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Welcome to my new home! (and other ramblings on changing careers.)

Welcome to my new website home, decided to move platforms and hope you all like it.

Explained to a friend recently, it’s like building your first ikea bookshelf and feeling proud….until someone nudges it and it falls down. Hopefully not in this instance.

Given the new image, I thought it might be worthwhile to reflect and share a bit of my journey so far as it might be useful to someone, or just pure drivel for many others. I’ll then carry on blogging with some more interesting work updates and general shenanigans.

The last 15 months have been a huge learning curve for me in plenty of ways to keep me on my toes. For many this is nothing new, but alike many more who are embarking on a change of life and career in their (late) thirties it’s all still exciting, fearful, joyful and stressful in equal measures.

I’ve always been arty, never left my mind and soul. After working in fashion for some time I decided to cut lose and try and find my way back to my true creative path.


The biggest challenge which I had never thought of or planned into my schedule of new career building, was just how long it would take for my mind to change gears. It’s felt like it’s stalled my whole new start by months and I want to kick myself through frustration, but then I remember I need to be kind to myself, especially with my mental health.

Things take time and after working in such a fast paced, stressful environment in corporate fashion, it’s worlds apart from creating new projects, planning self promotion and finding paid work under this new self-motivated guise.

Through the people I’ve met and the plenty of wonderful material and events out there for new start-ups, freelancers and illustrators it’s all come together to help push me upwards and onwards. That’s the best thing, community.

The advice I would give to anyone thinking of embarking on a new journey whatever their age, go for it. Prepare, plan and do your research but don’t let any fears hold you back. There will be sleepless nights, tears and copious amounts of biscuits eaten, but it’s all worth it if you’re willing to knuckle down and work at it.

I’m still learning and certainly have a long way to go, but loving every minute of it and have not looked back.

I hope you enjoy my work and will keep on with the updates, any requests please drop me a line.

Thank you for stopping by!