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SS20 Men's Fashion weeks; an illustrated view

July is already upon us and somehow the weeks have rolled by and here we are in the middle of the glorious Haute Couture shows in Paris. (Illustrations of which will be coming soon I hasten to add.)

From New York through to the final Menswear shows in Paris I worked on a special collaboration with a fellow men’s wear devotee (and extraordinarily talented) illustrator based in the USA, DIS PATER.

#DispaterxEm Valentino SS20, Paris

#DispaterxEm Valentino SS20, Paris

It was such a special project to have worked on together. I ended up taking much more from it than some fancy pants new illustrations for my folio. Not only did it force me into breaking out of my mould and trying a new digital medium and working against the deadlines of a different timezone, but I also found a like minded creative chum for mutual encouragement and creative banter. Which in all honesty has been a god send since working alone. (As much as I love laughing at my jokes, even my plants are starting to wilt.)

I love to work in solitude, as most do. However just having someone there for a small nod of appreciation and nudge of encouragement in the right direction is all you need sometimes to completely change your direction for the better.

I began to see my work evolve in a different light of which has now led me onto new directions with some personal projects I am working on currently. Hope you all enjoy the new direction!

Back to the Menswear…what a season. As always, I am in absolute awe and so very much in love with the creative geniuses out there transforming menswear right now. It reminded me of a course I attended last year; ‘Menswear and Masculinities’ over at the V&A. The content of which was elegantly presented by Dr Benjamin Wild and very significant as to how men’s fashion has evolved and is still continuing to evolve and push at stereotypes today. It reflects what is happening in our societies, and acts as a powerful tool for movement and change for the better.

I have always loved Menswear, and it’s fantastic to see each and every season the change and growth in the collections. There was too many of which I adored to illustrate, here’s just a few of my favourites from the past month.

Please do follow over on instagram to see all of the DISPATERxEM collaboration illustrations in all their glory.


Thank you and enjoy the gorgeous July sunshine

Em x

Dior Men SS20, Paris

Dior Men SS20, Paris

Alexander McQueen SS20, London

Alexander McQueen SS20, London

Walter Van Beirendonck SS20, Paris

Walter Van Beirendonck SS20, Paris

Craig Green SS20, London

Craig Green SS20, London

DIS PATER x EM SS20 Menswear

I have long admired the comic book stylised illustrations of Dis Pater, with his strikingly powerful characters, beautiful draftsmanship and gorgeous use of colour tones setting off his illustrations wonderfully within the world he has created.

So to receive an invite to work with him covering this season’s SS20 Menswear illustrations was pure joy for me.

Our approach maybe different and quite literally an ocean apart, but we share a love for menswear and illustration. Our vision is to show this united creative approach in a fun way, covering our favourite collections from each of the cities.

We are updating mainly on Instagram, so please follow the hashtag #dispaterxem or start following us both on instagram for regular updates!



DIS PATER x EM SS20 Craig Green, London

DIS PATER x EM SS20 Craig Green, London

New Skills

Wan Hung SS20, New York

Wan Hung SS20, New York

For myself I’m using this an added opportunity to finally pick up my iPad and start using Procreate for this collaboration, which I have had for well over a year and a half now…yes I know, I procrastinate.

It’s the perfect project for this digital tool, not only am I trying to ensure my hand drawn stylings translate onto screen, it’s also great for the turn around time needed to cover the shows over the coming weeks. (I’m also finding it to be a particularly fab portable mess free tool.)

We hope you enjoy the new work to come over on instagram! If you would like to work with either or both DIS PATER and I please feel free to drop us a line at the following for more info!

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Welcome to my new home! (and other ramblings on changing careers.)

Welcome to my new website home, decided to move platforms and hope you all like it.

Explained to a friend recently, it’s like building your first ikea bookshelf and feeling proud….until someone nudges it and it falls down. Hopefully not in this instance.

Given the new image, I thought it might be worthwhile to reflect and share a bit of my journey so far as it might be useful to someone, or just pure drivel for many others. I’ll then carry on blogging with some more interesting work updates and general shenanigans.

The last 15 months have been a huge learning curve for me in plenty of ways to keep me on my toes. For many this is nothing new, but alike many more who are embarking on a change of life and career in their (late) thirties it’s all still exciting, fearful, joyful and stressful in equal measures.

I’ve always been arty, never left my mind and soul. After working in fashion for some time I decided to cut lose and try and find my way back to my true creative path.


The biggest challenge which I had never thought of or planned into my schedule of new career building, was just how long it would take for my mind to change gears. It’s felt like it’s stalled my whole new start by months and I want to kick myself through frustration, but then I remember I need to be kind to myself, especially with my mental health.

Things take time and after working in such a fast paced, stressful environment in corporate fashion, it’s worlds apart from creating new projects, planning self promotion and finding paid work under this new self-motivated guise.

Through the people I’ve met and the plenty of wonderful material and events out there for new start-ups, freelancers and illustrators it’s all come together to help push me upwards and onwards. That’s the best thing, community.

The advice I would give to anyone thinking of embarking on a new journey whatever their age, go for it. Prepare, plan and do your research but don’t let any fears hold you back. There will be sleepless nights, tears and copious amounts of biscuits eaten, but it’s all worth it if you’re willing to knuckle down and work at it.

I’m still learning and certainly have a long way to go, but loving every minute of it and have not looked back.

I hope you enjoy my work and will keep on with the updates, any requests please drop me a line.

Thank you for stopping by!